Software Engineering

SIVA’s software engineers write code for the Motorola, Intel, TI, Zilog, family of products. We also write real-time measurement and control code, as well as software modules and control systems application based packages, including Data Acquisition and Statistical Process Control, Robotics and Machine Control and Integrated Systems Management. Our software engineers can port software across different hardware/software platforms. We have software engineers with skills in the latest technologies.

Our Technical experience includes:

Our Services Include:

Systems Architectures

Software Development

System Design

Software Porting

Communications Drivers


Real-time Designs

Software Maintenance

User Interfaces

Off Shore Facilities

Network Management

Database Warehousing

SIVA supports Oracle, Sybase, Informix, C, C++, Visual C, BASIC (various types), Visual BASIC, Lab View, FoxPro, Java, HTML, VxWorks, Crystal Reports, PowerBuilder and more. For Data Acquisition we are conscious of the human factors in every design.

To meet our customer’s needs for Software Engineering, SIVA has has a vested alliance in an off shore facility in Pune, India. This allows us to offer our customers a substantial savings in software development and support, with reduced time-to-market.