Corporate Overview

Our Mission

Our corporate mission is our commitment to excellence in providing our clients with the highest quality services and products that help them become more competitive in a rapidly changing technological environment. We are a team par excellence organized to provide on-time delivery on a competitive pricing schedule in order to help our clients enjoy the competitive edge.


Our Management Process

Our project management involves early design review and development of a working specification. We provide build to specifications, according to the authority of our client company, or we generate a proposal based on a request for development and technical research.


Our Design Process

Our design process is an interactive counsel that examines the initial concept, the related test systems and specialized equipment, business and human factors, sources of error and failure (FMEA), and technology transfer. We progressively refine our program management and development effort through progressive design reviews, CAD documentation, BOM, Schematic and layout, mechanical and assembly drawings, costed material lists including suppliers and detailed descriptive documents.


Our Development Process

Our Development group performs systems integration, testing, prototypes and pre-production models and final production models. We can develop the entire product from concept to completion. Our typical agenda includes our design process, layout of the PCB, with capability in 2n-layer designs, naked board specification and procurement, prototype performance analysis and evaluation, revision history, production tooling and release documentation.


Our Documentation Process

Our documentation capability is extensive. We produce an organized documentation package that includes Cad-based Schematics, Netlists, Gerber files, Mechanical Details, Packaging and Assembly Drawings, Instructions, Technical Writing and Training Manuals, and system specifications.



As we progress into our second decade of service, SIVA, Inc. continues to achieve significant goals in order to serve our customers in their projects and applications. We understand as the OEM industry evolves, our customers’ business evolves as well. Our exceptional team of Designers, Engineers, Support Technicians and knowledgeable Sales Staff are ready to assist you in paving the road to success, or if you’ve already reached that road, we’ll help keep it smooth!