Board Fabrication And Assembly

SIVA designs hundreds of Printed Circuit Boards. This tremendous volume allows us to maintain a strategic partnership with fabrication and assembly houses. Because we supply a high volume of business to these companies, our relationships are abundant and close-knit.


SIVA navigates our customers through their designs from conception to delivery, therefore we do not jump ship at the fabrication/assembly port! Due to SIVA’s constant involvement with our customer's design, , it is at the manufacturing stage where our on-going experience with the design is utilized in bringing your product to production.

Our knowledgeable and resourceful staff will procure from the appropriate fabrication and assembly house to accommodate your specific needs and budget. This value-added resource allows you to begin your next project without having the burden and tedious task of shopping for the fabrication house that is right for you. SIVA’s alliances provide the best in class operational facilities and machinery to meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

Quality, value-added manufacturing in low, medium, or high volume production runs. We offer a full service program that is suited to your company’s needs. We deliver quality products, free of defects and blemishes, at competitive pricing.

We provide naked PCB manufacturing, PCB population, and product assembly as well as electrical testing and functional testing according to a predefined test plan. We are committed to becoming your full-service vendor. Our goal is to save you time and money and to minimize your risk by working with a single vendor.


To meet our customer’s increasing needs for high volume boards, SIVA has expanded operations to form a vested alliance with several off-shore Contract Manufacturers. While broadening our existing relationships, this venture has placed SIVA in a highly competitive pricing sector within the industry.